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Concealed Carry Courses

C2 Tactical offers CCW licensing courses to prepare you for that concealed carry lifestyle. Our experienced trainers not only teach you the practical aspects but also equip you with the necessary legal knowledge that you’ll need to fulfill all the requirements.

All our CCW course schedules are flexible to meet your needs. We cater to both beginner and advanced-level learners interested in getting licensed. All our instructors have extensive experience and knowledge and will provide personalized guidance throughout the course.

If you’re interested in getting enrolled in our AZ CCW courses, then download the application below and bring it to class.

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AZ Concealed Carry Basics



4 hours

This Concealed Carry Basics course is targeted at beginners who want to learn the fundamentals of concealed carry permits in the state of Arizona. The course is 4 hours long and prepares students for CCW licensing in Arizona. Whether you’re a beginner or carry a license from another state, this course will teach you all that you need to know for licensing.

All our instructors are certified and highly experienced in firearms instruction. Many instructors also have extensive experience working with law enforcement agencies.

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What Will You Learn?

The course covers all the basics that are the requirement of Arizona state licensing. You will learn about all the technical and legal aspects of AZ concealed carrying. You will also be trained to interact with law enforcement and deal with conflict aftermath.


  • Be 21 years of age
  • Be a U.S. Citizen or Lawful Resident
  • Submit to a Criminal Background Investigation
  • Not be a Prohibited Possessor
  • Not be a Substance Abuser
  • Not have a Domestic Violence Conviction
  • Not a Convicted Felon
§ Unless Conviction has been expunged, set aside, vacated, or your rights have been restored; not only to vote but to possess firearms & ammunition. This resulted from HB 2534 and changed Arizona law under A.R.S. 13-3112 on 9.26.2008

Why Should You Get CCW Licensing?

CCW licensing comes with a great many benefits. For starters, Arizona DPS pre-approves you for purchasing a firearm. This allows you to bypass mandatory background checks required for firearm purchasing. Your licensing gives you the right to carry your concealed firearm in the National Parks of the state. You can also enter liquor establishments unless it is posted otherwise.

Moreover, licensing in Arizona also gives you a CCW permit for combined carry in 37 states. After completing this course, you will be fully prepared to submit an application for a CCW permit with the Arizona Department of Public Safety.


Fingerprint Cards – $25

We offer fingerprinting for a CCW application. Fingerprinting cost is not included in the cost of our CCW class. You will pay for them upon arrival with a course instructor.

Every Day Carry Principles

EDC Principles


4 hours

This course is a must for all concealed carry citizens whether you are new to the concealed carry lifestyle or a seasoned armed citizen, your time with us will be well spent. This is an interactive course where all shooters will not only be exposed with the best carry practices for their chosen firearm but more importantly how to defend it, retrieve it, and shoot it, if and when the time comes. This “all range time” course is designed to accommodate all levels of shooters and will be sure to evolve your skills and leave with a higher level of shooting performance.

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Class Prerequisites:

  • Must have completed Pistol 300 or have instructor exception
  • Must have valid CCW

Focus Areas:

  • Basic & Advanced Drawstroke Concepts & Techniques
  • Ambidextrous Pistol Operations
  • Malfunctions & Reloads
  • Intro to Shooter Movement
  • Shot Placement
  • Mindset & Realities of a Gun Fight And Much More

4 hour range time

Required Equipment:

  • 200-250 Rounds of Ammunition
  • 1 Reliable Concealed Carry or Mid-sized Frame Handgun (Semi-Auto or Revolver)
  • 3 Magazines Minimum (4 Single Stack Mags) or Speed Loaders
  • 1 Holster and Opposing Mag Carrier (Appropriate for your Firearm and Mags)

*Ankle, Bra, Crossdraw, Shoulder Holsters are NOT permitted during this course

Judgmental Shooting in the Home



4 hours

Using our state of the art interactive video simulator, you will interact with role players on a screen. This is a great way to train skills in context; what is the threat, what is my foreground and background if I shoot. Our instructor will provide you with threat scenarios you might encounter in or near your home. There will be a debrief and coaching of each scenario.

We here at C2 tactical hope you and your family are never faced with this in real life, however we want you trained for it.

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Required Equipment:

  • All equipment for this class is provided

Class Prerequisites:

  • We recommend taking the CCW and Home Defense Fundamentals courses before this course

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