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New To Shooting

Take our quiz and be entered into a drawing for a free class!

You’ll receive suggested courses based on your answers.
Plus, you can book a firearm consultation and our staff can help identify the best gun for you.

Help Us Guide Your Journey At C2 Tactical!

Complete our quiz and you’ll receive personalized courses along with a free course to help you learn the basics of shooting.

What type of courses do we offer?

Handgun: From an introduction to handguns, such as Glock or Sig Sauer, to tactical handgun skills – C2 Tactical offers it all.

Rifle: Looking to purchase a military-style rifle or get comfortable with shooting an AR-15? We offer rifle courses for all skill levels.

Outdoor: Practical applications of shooting rifles or handguns in a real-world environment. It’s important to understand the difference of shooting inside vs. outdoors.

CCW: Entry level to advanced Concealed Carry courses available. Learn the laws behind carrying a weapon in public. Did you know that Arizona’s CCW allows you to carry in multiple states?

Ladies Only: Designed for ladies from beginner to advanced shooting levels in a “no ego” environment. We even offer private shooting lessons to enhance your skills!


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