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C2 Tactical 8th Birthday

We are celebrating our 8th birthday on 3/6/2021 and offering $8 range fees all day!
Mention this ad in person for the discounted range fees!

*walk-in only - does not apply to advanced lane reservations

Every Monday is Ladies Day!

On Mondays from 2 pm to close ladies get FREE range time!

All instructors for this course have NRA Certification and/or prior Military, Law Enforcement or competitive shooting backgrounds.

Ladies Only Courses

Ladies Only Class

Ladies Pistol 100

Ladies Pistol 100 Course – Introduction to Handguns


3 hours

Where do you start? What do you need to know to be safe? C2 Tactical’s Introduction to Handguns course is a 3-4 hour course designed for ladies with little-to-no handgun experience. Following the classroom instruction, students will have the opportunity to practice the skills learned in class with live-fire experience. If you are a beginner with little-to-no experience, this is the class for you.

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Focus Areas:

  • Universal Firearm Safety
  • Different types of handguns
  • Types of ammunition
  • Safe loading and unloading procedures
  • Live-fire exercises to demonstrate proper loading and unloading and safe handling procedures learned

1-2 hours class time and 1 hour range time

Equipment Required:

Class requires eye and ear protection and at least 50 rounds of ammunition for the firearm you will use.

Handguns may be rented at no cost but will require you to purchase C2 Tactical’s range ammunition for use.

Woman getting help shooting after booking a course

Ladies Pistol 200

Ladies Pistol 200 Course – Fundamental Shooting Skills


4 hours

This course is designed around learning the fundamental skills behind shooting handguns both safely and accurately and is the second-level class in the C2 Tactical Pistol Curriculum for ladies. The Fundamental Shooting Skills course is 4 hours with a high instructor-to-student ratio, allowing for a close, personal hands-on attention while still being in a relaxed classroom environment. Course instruction includes classroom work, hands-on dry-fire practice and live-fire practice. This class is designed for anyone that cannot shoot consistent 2” groups at 21ft.

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Focus Areas:

  • Excellent for beginners to intermediate shooters
  • Key fundamental features include grip, proper operation of your firearm, stance, sight alignment, and trigger squeeze
  • Learn and review universal firearm safety
  • Practice one of the hardest to master skills – trigger control
  • Excellent review for seasoned shooters that have not been shooting for a while and would like to group their rounds within 2 inches at 21ft.
  • Skills required for anyone looking at the Concealed Carry course
  • Skills required for students interested in moving on to the more advanced shooting courses

2 hours class time and 2 hours range time

Equipment Required:

Class requires eye and ear protection and at least 100 rounds of ammunition for the firearm you will use

Handguns may be rented at no cost but will require you to purchase C2 Tactical’s range ammunition for use.

Ladies Defense Pistol

Ladies Defensive Pistol I



5 hours

Our Ladies Defensive Pistol Ops I course is designed for eager women who desire to “evolve their skills” in a practical, real-world shooting environment. Our “No Ego” approach to instruction encourages our students to translate proper knowledge, skills & attitude to a higher level of accuracy and personal development. Whether you are very new with your pistol skills or a seasoned shooter wanting to refresh with some solid fundamental work, we welcome you to attend.

Our course is an entry-level dynamic shooting course with a novice level of physical activity. We encourage all students to wear appropriate clothing, footwear & headgear for the day as well as bring note-taking material for this challenging, yet entertaining “in context” course.

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Focus Areas:

  • Fundamentals & Safety
  • Pistol Set-Up & Options
  • Pistol Gear Selection
  • Zeroing Your Pistol, (Red dot)
  • Firearms Maintenance
  • Pistol Tasks, Conditions & Standards
  • Reloads & Stoppage Clearances
  • Basics of Shooter Movement
  • Multiple Target Engagement
  • Conventional & Unconventional Positions
  • Transitional Shooting
  • Basic Pressure Drills, Skills
  • Course Qualification & Evaluation

5 hours range time

Required Equipment:

  • (1) Serviceable Mid to Full-Size Handgun
  • (4 to 6) Hicap Magazines
  • 300 rds+ FMJ ammunition
  • Appropriate Belt, Strong Side Hip Holster & Mag Pouches
  • Eye & Ear Pro (Electronics Recommended)
  • Gloves, Knee & Elbow Pads (optional)
  • Appropriate Hat, Clothing for Training & Weather
  • Gun Cleaning Kit with Lube
  • 2 Liters of Hydration, Lunch & Snacks

WOS is a Ladies-Only shooting club designed to help educate and support women interested in getting involved in the shooting sports!

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