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AREA338 Membership lounge Scottsdale

AREA338 Scottsdale

Lane Reservations

This advanced Lane Reservation system is for PAID AREA338 SCOTTSDALE MEMBERSHIPS ONLY. As a member of the most Exclusive Gun Club, you may take advantage of free-range time and book a lane reservation for our Scottsdale location by calling us at (480) 588-8802.

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There are shooting range lanes available during business hours. Each lane may be shared with a maximum of 2 member guests (shooters). Booking online will secure and guarantee your time slot and eliminate any wait time.

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Simulator Reservation

This advanced Simulator Reservation system is for PAID AREA338 MEMBERSHIPS ONLY. We have a Private VIP Simulator Room dedicated to all our privileged AREA338 Members. As apart of joining our exclusive club, there is no additional charge for you to use our Private VIP Simulator Room (also located in our Private AREA338 Lounge). For your convenience, you may easily book a reservation online with at least 4 hours advance notice.

Our simulator experience is a great way for both first-time and skilled shooters to experience the mindset and practice the repetitive skills required to make split-second decisions. We offer a series of fun shooting gallery style simulations that will challenge your speed, accuracy, and awareness. Go through as many scenarios as you wish.

Live Simulator Pistol – Free for all AREA338 Members

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