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Shooting Range Lane Reservations

We offer Lane Reservations in advance for both Members and Non-Members.

We allow same-day shooting range reservations at both Scottsdale and Tempe, but it is recommended that you book at least one day in advance.

(No refunds on late arrival.)

*Please note, anyone under 21 years of age must be accompanied by someone over 21 years of age.*


For non-US citizens wishing to book, please call us at 480-588-8802 to help book an experience.

Learn More About Lane Reservations


Booking an advanced lane reservation will secure and guarantee the time slot for one shooter. Each lane may have a maximum of three shooters. Additional guests will need to pay upon arrival. Non-members may make lane reservations for both Pistol and Rifle Lanes for $35, additional guest fees will be determined upon arrival. C2 Tactical Members receive free advanced lane reservations and a discounted guest shooter fee (in-store only).

If your party will have more than three people in total, you may need to book 2 lanes. If your party has more than six people, please contact our event team at events@c2tactical.com or call us at 480-588-8802.

Please note, anyone under 21 years of age must be accompanied by someone 21 or older.

Pistol Lanes are exclusively for pistol caliber firearms. Rifle Lanes can accommodate rifles, shotguns, and handguns

*For more information on our refund policy, please visit our FAQ page

Shooting Lane Reservation | C2 Tactical Shooting Lane Reservation | C2 Tactical


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