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USCCA Legal Seminar

Join USCCA and C2 Tactical for a free legal seminar to learn about important topics for protectors.

If you want or have a gun for protection, don’t wait until you need a lawyer to ask about your rights and responsibilities in a self-defense situation. Attending one of our USCCA seminars will help you gain valuable knowledge in the areas of:

  • Handgun and home defense laws in your state
  • What happens after you’re forced to defend yourself
  • How to navigate a legal system that’s often stacked against responsibly armed Americans
  • Protecting your Second Amendment rights

The USCCA aims to educate and train Americans in order to help them keep their loved ones safe. Join a community that focuses on self-defense and how you can use it to protect those around you.

This seminar will include a LIVE Q&A session so you can get information that matters to you.

We are currently preparing for our next course and want to hear from you!
When would you like to attend the next gun seminar classes?

Seminar seating is limited. Based on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Based on your preferences, we will reach out to you with dates soon!

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