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Looking for a luxury, exclusive gun club experience? C2 Tactical has everything you’re looking for – private ranges, immense gun selection, and knowledgable staff to guide you through your journey at Phoenix’s state-of-the-art gun range.

Escape the Arizona heat! Our exclusive gun range with locations in Scottsdale & Tempe has the best gun store selection. Come see for yourself! We try our best to stay stocked with the latest from Glock, Sig Sauer, Ruger, Kimber, and so much more.

Offering free range time for members and low-cost rates for non-members, targets, discounts on firearms, accessories, and ammunition. If you’re looking for something more, become a member and see all that you can save.

Our brand new state-of-the-art ranges feature the most advanced ventilation system available, programmable action target carriers, and quiet backstop when shooting suppressed.

Open Every Day, 7 Days a Week!

Book your range time online and bring guests to show them the C2 gun store experience.

Buy a membership to receive special offers & exclusive deals! You do not need a membership to reserve a lane, but lane rentals are free with most memberships. You have the option to purchase most memberships either on an annual basis or a monthly fee.

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