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woman crouched practicing long-range shooting with an assault rifle during women of steel eventwoman crouched practicing long-range shooting with an assault rifle during women of steel event

Uniting Women of Strength: Join the Women of Steel Shooting Club at C2 Tactical

Women of Steel (WOS) is a ladies-only shooting club that meets monthly at both Tempe and Scottsdale locations of C2 Tactical, allowing women to learn disciplined firearms proficiency in a fun and safe environment. The club is designed to help educate and support women interested in getting involved in shooting sports.

Shooting sports have long been associated with men and masculinity. However, more and more women are now taking up this exciting and challenging hobby. For women who love the thrill of the hunt, want to improve their ability to defend themselves, or just enjoy the precision of target shooting, shooting sports can be a great way to stay active and have fun.

Reasons More Women Are Learning to Shoot

More women are getting involved in shooting and shooting sports due to the increasing availability of training and support networks. C2 Tactical offers several women-only classes and groups that provide a comfortable and welcoming environment for women to learn and grow their skills.

    • Ladies’ Day– C2 Tactical offers ladies FREE range time all day on Mondays.
    • Women’s Introduction to Handguns– This class is designed to teach the novice handguns and the skills necessary to handle them safely.
    • Women’s Basic Handgun– Step two in our pistol progression, this class focuses on the basics of marksmanship with your handgun.
    • Women’s Intermediate Handgun– Building on the single-aimed fire skill developed in the previous class, this course takes the shooter to the next level – shooting accurate multiple shots on target while maintaining acceptable accuracy.
    • Women’s Practical Pistol 1– A significant step up from the base level 100-300 classes, this class adds in drawing your handgun from an Outside the Waistband (OWB) holster before shooting.

Another reason for the rise in female shooters is the increasing emphasis on self-defense. Many women are now taking their safety into their own hands and learning how to protect themselves with firearms. Shooting sports can provide valuable training and practice for these women, helping them to feel more confident and prepared in potentially dangerous situations.

Women of Steel Club Details

The Women of Steel Shooting Club meets on the third Tuesday at 6 pm at C2 Tactical Tempe and the second Friday at 6 pm at C2 Tactical Scottsdale. The first meeting is free. Participants can socialize and discuss various topics and/or watch demonstrations by instructors, followed by time on the range.

WOS Benefits & Costs:

    • $50 Annually
    • $5 Range fee at C2 at each meeting
    • Free gun rentals at C2 at each meeting
    • 3 Discount coupons for classes at C2: $10 off any level 100 class, $20 off any level 200 class, & $30 off any level 300 class
    • Free WOS T-Shirt
    • 10% Off ammunition anytime at C2
    • WOS Membership card

If you want to join, please get in touch with Gena at (480) 588-8802 or email gena.wagoner@c2hq.us. For a list of future meeting dates, view our Monthly Calendars.

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