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Man shooting at indoor gun range with pistolMan shooting at indoor gun range with pistol

Which Guns Are Allowed on an Indoor Gun Range?

C2 Tactical provides private lessons and group events at our indoor range in Scottsdale and Tempe, AZ, but which guns are allowed on indoor ranges in Arizona?

The AR-15 is one of the most controversial guns on the market in America today.

To many Americans, it symbolizes our freedom and our constitutionally guaranteed right to “keep and bear arms,” while some uninformed individuals consider it an “assault weapon.”

However, those arguments aside, is it legal to bring one to an indoor range for target practice at our locations?

C2 Tactical Indoor Ranges at Scottsdale & Tempe, AZ Has Rentals

Which guns you can use on an indoor range are determined by management. Some ranges do not meet the safety requirements for semi-automatic and automatic rifle fire. Likewise, you cannot use certain ammunition on an indoor range anywhere.

You can rent a variety of pistols, rifles and shotguns for firing on our range, including various fully automatic rifles like the Sig Sauer 9mm MPX, the FN 556 SCAR-16, the LWRC M6 9mm Auto and many more.

Like most indoor ranges, we do not allow steel core, hardened core, armor piercing, green tip, bi-metal, incendiary, or tracer ammunition.

Open Carry Versus Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW)

Open carry is the practice of carrying a rifle, handgun, shotgun, or other weapon or self-defense item without trying to conceal the weapon. Many US states are going to legalize open carry for their residents.

“Concealed carry is the practice of carrying a concealed weapon (typically a handgun) on one’s physical person while taking steps to ensure that the presence of the firearm is undetectable to casual (or trained) observers.”US Law Shield.

Whereas different laws might apply to non-residents, the state does not have to follow the law of the individual’s home state. Therefore, the weapon carrier should know the state’s weapon laws.

Likewise, many states require you to immediately inform law enforcement (LE) of any weapon you possess when interacting with law enforcement, such as during a traffic stop. You should know the law about carrying a gun in a locked case in your trunk or pickup bed.

Arizona recently passed a “Permitless Carry” law.

“Anyone who can legally own/possess a firearm and is 21 or older can carry it concealed without any type of permit/license.”Handgun Law US, AZ.

Although it states anyone “21 or older can carry,” that is inaccurate. If you have been convicted of a felony or domestic abuse, you may not be able to carry a weapon, concealed, or otherwise.

Keep in mind that Arizona law doesn’t require anyone to purchase a “CCW badge.” That badge is only a sales gimmick and might draw unwanted attention.

What does this have to do with which guns you can use on an indoor range? Unless you rent the gun from the range, you’ll need to move it from your home to the range, and you should always do it legally.

Contact the Professionals at C2 Tactical for More Information

Despite the above information, if you need additional guidance, arrange a private firearms consultation with a professional at C2 Tactical. Be sure to answer all the questions to the best of your ability. We can iron out any further details before your consultation.

During this consultation, you can choose up to three firearms to try out, we’ll provide your targets, eye, and ear protection, and you’ll receive a $50 coupon for your purchase in our store, good for that day only. Shop our online store for a complete line of ammunition.

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