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A woman learning to shoot | Concealed Carry | Shotgun Course | Personal ProtectionA woman learning to shoot | Concealed Carry | Shotgun Course | Personal Protection

Tempe Concealed Carry Info

Are you looking to acquire concealed carry skills?

C2 Tactical offers the best-concealed carry training courses in Tempe, AZ!

Are you looking for concealed carry training from NRA-certified instructors? Call us at C2 Tactical for all the information you need!

At C2 Tactical, we offer the best concealed carry licensing course that will prepare you to qualify for the concealed carry lifestyle. We offer this course at our state-of-the-art gun ranges in Scottsdale and Tempe, Arizona. All our instructors are NRA-certified and will teach you all the rules and skills that you need to know to qualify for the licensing.

We offer the course on a flexible schedule, so you can take it whenever it is convenient for you. This course is for all experience-level shooters who are interested in getting a concealed carry license. Our expert instructors will provide one-on-one and personalized guidance to prepare you fully.

If you’re someone who is keen on adopting the concealed carry lifestyle, then this is where it all starts. If you want to know more about the course, then keep reading below!


This CCW course at C2 Tactical costs $60 per shooter. It is designed for concealed carry license in the state of Arizona. The course covers the fundamentals of concealed carry permits and imparts all the knowledge that you need to get licensed.

The concealed carry course at C2 Tactical is a 4-hour long class conducted by our highly experienced trainers. Most of our instructors have years of experience in law enforcement, so they are able to provide practical and insightful instruction.

What Does the Course Offer?

The concealed carry course offered by C2 Tactical prepares shooters to meet all the requirements of Arizona licensing. This will include the theoretical, legal, and regulatory information as well as some practical knowledge of the licensing.

Benefits of CCW Licensing

There are several benefits of CCW licensing. If you’re in Arizona, you get pre-approved by DPS to purchase any firearm. It means you’ll not have to go through the tedious process of background checks and screening.

Once you have the concealed carry license, you can carry your firearms at any National Park in the state. Plus, you get access to all liquor establishments except the ones that clearly state otherwise. You’ll not only be licensed in Arizona, but you will also have the permit to carry concealed firearms in 37 other states.

After completing this course, you will be fully prepared to apply for a CCW permit with the Arizona Department of Public Safety.

Sign up for Concealed Carry Permit Course!

If you are determined to get your concealed carry permit in the state of Arizona, then wait no further. Visit our website for the procedure to register yourself for a course of your choice!

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