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Hosting Your Private, Corporate, or Holiday Party at C2

C2 Tactical makes hosting private and corporate events or holiday parties at the range a safe, fun, and exciting event for all participants.

Many first-time firearm shooters are naturally nervous about shooting. It’s a reasonable reaction because firearms are loud and can be deadly if not handled properly. Likewise, many have heard alarming and scary stories about firearm mishaps.

This uneasy feeling is expected because the first time a person uses a gun is often when they need it to protect themselves or their home from an intruder.

That’s why we recommend a range safety course and lots of practice.

“Our NRA certified range instructors offer focused training for all our shooting and simulator courses. Most of our instructors come from military and law enforcement backgrounds. So, you’ll get the whole shooting experience.”

What Do We Offer?

Besides offering a wide variety of private courses and one-on-one shooting lessons, even one for ladies only, we offer a variety of courses under our Shooting and Simulator Packages.

If you’re considering a thoughtful gift that won’t be the usual “ugly Christmas sweater” or tie, choose a Pistol Package for as low as $69.95 per shooter or the Date Night couple package for $125.

Group packages include:

  • Say Hello to My Little Friend, starting at $629.95.
  • Get to the Choppa for $399.95.
  • I’m Your Huckleberry for $339.95.
  • Get Some for $549.95.

You can set up these packages for a group of friends, employees, or executives.

If you are looking for a more laid-back holiday gathering try out our laser simulator event for your group. This package includes one hour of unlimited live simulator scenarios, surround sound to enhance realism, a private tutorial with a certified range safety officer who will stay with your group, and a C2 Tactical T-shirt for each individual shooter.

Bringing Your Group to the Range or Simulator

Before bringing your group to the range, you should advise them to watch this YouTube video (although there will be a safety briefing upon arrival at the facility).

Additionally, each participant should consider reading the following blog posts:

3 Basic Firearm Safety Rules for Everyone

Each participant should be reminded frequently of these basic firearm safety rules:

  • Always point the gun in a safe direction—on a range, that direction is always downrange.
  • Always keep your finger out of the trigger well and off the trigger until you are ready to fire the gun.
  • Always keep the gun unloaded—do not load it until you are ready to shoot.

Firearm safety is everyone’s responsibility.

Anyone can call a ceasefire at any time. Do not hesitate to call a ceasefire when you see an unsafe act or someone acting suspiciously. Error on the side of caution.

The term “it is better to be safe than sorry” is never more accurate than when handling a gun. However, knowing how to handle a gun safely should be something everyone knows how to do, even the anti-gun type, because you never know when you will need to use one.

Contact the Professionals at C2 Tactical for an Enjoyable & Safe Holiday Party

Give C2 Tactical a call at (480) 588-8802, or use our handy special events form. Fill in as much information as you currently have and provide a few details and special requests. Please specify which C2 center you prefer, Tempe or Scottsdale, AZ.

Although we can create customized events with laser simulators for a corporate challenge or team-building event, we cannot read your mind. Please browse our webpage “Packages” to get some ideas and view our specials.

Remember, most packages are customizable to accommodate more people for more fun and we can’t to see you and your group at C2 Tactical!

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