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Tempe, AZ – Personal Protection Safety Courses Offered at Our Gun Shooting Range

Are you looking to acquire personal safety and defensive skills?

C2 Tactical offers the best personal protection safety courses in Tempe, AZ!

C2 Tactical is not only a shooting range used for firearm training, we also offer personal protection safety courses. Our personal protection courses offer non-firearm physical and tactical training classes. From defensive strategies to navigating complex scenarios, our courses offer it all. Take a look below to learn more about all the courses that we offer at our shooting range.

Personal Protection Essentials:

The PPE training offered by C2 Tactical is a two-hour practical class that covers various aspects of physical combat, such as striking, throws, ground fighting, impact weapons, and edged weapons. During this course, you’ll develop real-world abilities and skills to keep yourself safe in different situations.

Introduction to Defensive Tactics:

Introduction to defensive tactics provides an overview of defensive tactics, such as tactical positioning, alternative weapons, use of force, and other essential skills. The course focuses on the practical aspects and principles of personal safety, including practical self-defense and interpersonal conflict

Tactical Flashlight:

The tactical flashlight course focuses on the tactical use of flashlights in close quarter as well as distance situations.

Improvised Weapons:

This course trains you in the use of any weapon at hand. The training focuses on developing a “weapons” mindset with any item at hand. Improvised weapons prove to be an excellent equalizer in combative situations.

Edged Weapons:

Edged weapons are the most useful weapons when it comes to self-defense and personal safety. This course is an introduction to the use and carrying of edged weapons, such as auto-opening knives, tactical folders, and straight blades.

Impact Weapons:

This training is an introduction to using impact weapons and baton. It focuses on using everyday items like cell phone, stick, or any other hard object as an impact weapon to protect yourself.

Chemical Agents:

This training includes the use of chemical agents, such as pepper spray or blinding agents for personal protection.

Weapon Access/Protection/Retention (APR):

The weapon APR course is designed to train how to protect yourself and retain weapons.

Combative (Controls):

This course focuses on basic trapping and control techniques required for controlling and dealing with an opponent without hurting them.

Combative (Strikes):

The combative strikes training teaches the use of the natural abilities of your body as weapons with proper mechanics or effective techniques.

Combative (Throws):

This course teaches skills like tackle, trip, toss, flip, and other techniques of bringing your opponent down on the ground.

Combative (Ground):

The Combative Ground training focuses on positions, stand-ups, escapes, and strategies for when you’re on the ground in a tactical scenario.

Awareness & Preventative Measures:

This course focuses on preventative measures and the awareness of conflict development and mitigation. You’ll learn practical skills to avoid and mitigate conflict. The skills that you learn in this training are the ones that security professionals use for protecting people in a hostile situation.

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