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store guns in a secure place, like a safestore guns in a secure place, like a safe

How to Store Your Gun Properly

The age-old conundrum with any type of gun is how do I store it safely while keeping it readily available? Accidents in the home involving guns are sad consequences that can only be prevented with proper training and security measures. At the same time, owning a gun for personal protection is a common freedom many Arizona citizens exercise to keep their home and families safe in the event of an intrusion.

The key is to combine the principles of safety, access, and knowledge about guns in a way that fits your family, lifestyle, and needs. No two solutions may look the same, even for neighboring families. Only you know your own children, other family members, and others with access to your home. Use the following recommendations to help you store your guns properly at home.

Storing Your Gun for Security – Long-Term Storage

Any guns you keep in your home should be stored as securely as possible. This prevents their inadvertent discovery and use by unauthorized persons, whether they be family or intruders. Methods for storing guns range from locking display cases to hidden gun safes or special hideaway places you devise. Most of these methods are best for long-term storage of guns you do not plan to use soon or need to access in an emergency.

  • Store guns away from access to children.
  • Locking guns in a secure storage unit provides a formidable layer of protection.
  • Using a cable lock or trigger lock on stored guns adds an additional layer of safety.
  • Always keep guns in long-term storage unloaded and store ammunition in a separate secure location.
  • Locking gun cases offer a portable option while restricting access.

These measures are great for hunting rifles, shotguns, collectibles, and other firearms you do not plan to use in an emergency.

Storing Your Gun for Easy Access – Short-Term Storage

Being wise about storing your gun also includes making sure you have easy access to a working firearm in the event of an emergency. “There is nothing as useless as an unloaded handgun,” and “When seconds count, the police are only minutes away,” are both popular sayings that emphasize the need to be ready to defend your home and family at all times.

  • Programmable gun safes or lock boxes are quick and secure ways to store a loaded firearm for emergencies.
  • Many come with fingerprint codes, touchpads or key fob access to allow only authorized persons to access the gun.
  • These can also be used in vehicles as well as the home to keep a ready gun accessible in a hurry.
  • Storing a loaded gun up high or in the bottom of a drawer, presumably out of reach of children, is never a good idea. It won’t remain hidden from curious children for long.
  • Get in the habit of securing your ready gun, such as a concealed carry handgun, the same way every time.

Keep in mind that your ready-access gun for personal protection is going to be small, likely a handgun of some sort instead of a long gun. This means your quick access solution can be small and easily concealed from casual view, even though it is nearby.

Emphasizing Gun Safety

A vital part of storing your gun safely is discussing guns and safety with your family. Here are some suggestions:

  • Talk with your children as early and as often as possible, using age-appropriate language.
  • You and your spouse or partner must present a united front about guns and gun safety.
  • Establish clear rules in your home for handling guns.
    • Never touch a gun or ammunition
    • Never point a gun at anyone
    • Always assume a gun is loaded
    • Report finding a gun or ammunition to an adult immediately
  • Don’t lecture your children, but have serious conversations and clear up misunderstandings.
  • Encourage your children to ask questions.
  • Participate with your children in local hunter safety and gun safety courses.

Set a good example for your family by modeling safe, responsible behavior around any type of guns. Children model the behavior they see.

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