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What is the Biggest Handgun You Can Carry in Arizona?

One of the most basic rights guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States is the right to possess and carry a firearm. Citizens of Arizona choose to carry firearms of all types for a variety of reasons, but the most common is for self-defense or personal security. But what type or size handgun should you choose? What is the biggest handgun you can carry in Arizona?

Arizona and the Wild West

Popular western culture portrays the western United States as a place won by gun-toting cowboys riding horses and driving cattle. Most western movies show everyone carrying a large holstered revolver. This was the prevalent type of handgun in the wild west days, which fired the same cartridge as a cowboy’s rifle.

The true facts of the Old West are somewhat different than popular movies. The West was primarily settled by veterans of the American Civil War, who had plenty of experience using firearms. Gun violence was relatively rare, as people knew from experience the value of human life and how quickly things could turn ugly. Even in the Old West, citizens that carried guns chose the best fit for them personally, out of the limited options.

Size Matters

Size matters when it comes to choosing a firearm for carry and self-defense. Arizona law allows any citizen over age 18 who can legally possess a firearm to openly carry a firearm. What is the biggest handgun you can carry in Arizona? The law does not place restrictions on the size of the handgun you can carry; guidelines are more geared around regulating the types of firearms.

Basically, any handgun you can carry concealed on your person, in your vehicle, or openly in a safe carry configuration is legal. In fact, Arizona citizens can even openly carry long guns (rifles or shotguns), although care must be taken not to display reckless or intimidating behavior. Such activity can be called “brandishment” and may be a chargeable offense.

In short, any legal citizen may carry as large a handgun as they can handle. But this doesn’t mean that is the best choice.

Choosing the Right Firearm for You

Choosing the best handgun to carry for personal self-defense hinges on several considerations. While carrying a firearm daily is meant to be more “comforting” than “comfortable,” personal comfort is a consideration. What size handgun can you carry on your person without undue wear and discomfort? Larger persons can accommodate larger firearms due to their size. If concealment is a factor, larger persons can also conceal larger handguns easier. Smaller persons may want to choose a smaller frame handgun for carry.

The size firearm you can handle safely is another factor. Smaller persons will not enjoy firing a large .357 revolver more than once or twice. Routine practice at the range is the only way to become proficient with a handgun. Choosing the right size and caliber that is fun to shoot, reasonably easy to accommodate on your person and contains the level of stopping power you require are the most important factors when choosing a handgun for personal carry.

C2 Tactical offers numerous opportunities to educate yourself on the safe use and carry of a personal handgun for self-defense. We also offer range packages, private instruction, public classes, and memberships to help you maintain a high level of proficiency with your firearm.

Contact us today in Phoenix or Tempe, Arizona, for help choosing the right personal carry handgun for you.

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