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Girl Pointing Gun On Shooting Range During a Ladies Gun CourseGirl Pointing Gun On Shooting Range During a Ladies Gun Course

Gun Courses at C2 Tactical

The most essential part of owning a gun or being around a gun is knowing how it works and how to shoot it. You never want to be put into a situation where knowing how to use a gun can save your life and you don’t know what to do. C2 Tactical has your back and has a plethora of gun courses to choose from to make sure you have the best and safe experience when coming into our premier gun shooting range and training facility.


Handgun Training Courses

C2 Tactical offers 4 handgun training courses as well as 4 defensive shooting fundamental classes, and if you are looking for the full one-on-one experience you can even do a private shooting lesson, all onsite.


Onsite Handgun Courses

The most basic course we offer is Introduction to handguns. This 3-hour course is meant for complete beginners who want to learn how to shoot a handgun and focus on the very basics. You will learn safe loading and unloading procedures and learn to take a shot safely during live-fire exercises.

If you are more of a beginner to an intermediate-level shooter, then our handgun fundamentals course is for you. This course is meant to focus on shooting consistent 2” groups at 21 ft. During this 4-hour course, you will also learn the proper way to grip and operate your handgun as well as the correct stance.

For experienced people, we offer a 5-hour course that focuses on building on your fundamental base, our practical handgun course. In this class, you will learn proper methods to draw from the holster, shoot your first shot, and multi-round shots with follow-through. There are prerequisites for the class since it is for advanced shooters.

If you are looking to take your shooting to the next level we offer the pistol mounted optics course, this course will excel your skills in the modern technique of the pistol. You will have had to complete our practical handgun course to take this one, but it will change your life.


Defensive Shooting Fundamentals

Once you have mastered the practical handgun courses and have your fundamentals down it could be time to take a defensive shooting fundamentals class to increase your knowledge and at the same increase your protection as you will learn how to defend yourself correctly and safely. Here at C2 Tactical, we offer 4 courses.

There are 3 defensive shooting fundamental classes that C2 Tactical offers: DSF1, DSF2, and DSF3. There is also a 4th class that is judgmental shooting outside the home. The focus of these classes is to make sure you and your loved ones are trained to protect yourself if you are ever in the event where you need protection.

Any of these classes can be taken as a regular class, or if you are looking for something that is more personalized you can take a private shooting lesson! When you book a private lesson, you will get the best one-on-one training from an experienced professional instructor. There is also an option to take this class with your partner, friend, or family member at an added price.


Concealed Carry Courses

C2 Tactical offers CCW licensing courses to prepare you for that concealed carry lifestyle. In these courses, you will learn everything from the basics to the everyday carry principles. Keep in mind these courses are specified to Arizona state licensing as there are different laws in each state.

In our 4-hour AZ concealed carry basics CCW4 course, you will be prepared for the CCW licensing and receive all the benefits that come with being licensed.  You will learn all about the technical and legal aspects of AZ concealed carrying. There are a few requirements that you can check out on our website in order to take the course.

Once you have received your CCW come take our everyday carry principles EDC principles course. This interactive course will expose you to the best carry practices, and how to defend, retrieve, and shoot your gun. This is an all-range time course and a must-do course for all concealed carry citizens, whether a new or seasoned carrier.

Want to put your skills to the test? Come and do our judgmental shooting in the home course where you will use our state-of-the-art interactive video simulator. All the scenarios will be possible scenarios you or your family could face in a home invasion. We hope that this is a situation you and your family never face in real life, but it is better to be trained and prepared just in case.


C2 Tactical

Come visit C2 Tactical to start your handgun training journey or to perfect your skills. Take a course on how to receive your CCW, or take a course to feel confident that you can protect yourself and your family if you are ever put in a situation where you need to use your firearm. C2 Tactical is the best place to train yourself!

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