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several black pistols behind glass of a gun store requiring a background checkseveral black pistols behind glass of a gun store requiring a background check

What is an FFL?

Whether you are ready to purchase a gun or are still doing your research, there are many aspects to consider before making the final purchase. One of the biggest will be, where will you buy the firearm? Will you visit a gun show or buy from your local Arizona gun shop? No matter where you make your purchase, most gun sellers should hold a Federal Firearms License, which they must uphold to conduct business.

What is an FFL?

There are several types and they range from a Type 1 to a Type 11, but they all similarly function to uphold the Federal Firearms Act of 1938. In general, for firearm dealers and manufacturers to ship or receive ammunition and guns, they must follow their FFL to do business.

An FFL also forbids these businesses from distributing guns to customers without following the established conditions. These conditions are where they matter to you as someone looking to purchase a gun.

How FFLs Affect Firearm Purchases

For the average gun buyer, the FFL is most notable in the form of completing the background checks. In order to purchase any firearm, potential gun owners must follow the strict guidelines that are set in place by FFLs in order to verify their identity and pass the background check.

To pass the firearm background check, federal law requires that gun buyers have a valid photo ID and complete the ATF Form 4473, also known as the Firearms Transaction Record. The FFL holder will then use these documents to run the background check through the federal system, or the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS).

Background checks through NICS are typically quick and come back with a status of either approved, denied, or delayed. If your status returns to your FFL dealer as approved, you will be good to continue moving forward with your purchase. A delayed status often just means the FBI needs a little more time to process the request. A denied status means that you have not cleared the background check and are prohibited from making a purchase.

A denied or delayed status doesn’t have to mean a dead end though. While you should wait at least 30 days in the case of a delayed status, gun buyers are able to submit appeals to the FBI in order to change the status of the background check. Once you learn why your application has been denied or delayed, if you believe there was some kind of error made, you can file an appeal to attempt to have the decision overturned.

Find Your Arizona FFL Dealer

Once you’re in the clear and have passed your background check, it’s time to make the purchase! C2 Tactical is the go-to option for many gun buyers in Arizona. With locations in Tempe and Scottsdale, C2 Tactical has a wide variety of options for gun buyers to choose from. From rifles to pistols to ammunition, our FFL gun store has it all!

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