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Concealed Carry Courses with C2 Tactical

Concealed carry or carrying a concealed weapon (CCW) is the practice of carrying a gun that is covered in public. To do this, a certification and training process is important to not only ensure your safety but also the safety of those around you. If you plan on carrying a firearm, you will want to know how to use a gun responsibly.

To responsibly carry, getting authentic and accurate training and certification matters a lot. It needs to be in accordance with your local state and federal laws. In Arizona, C2 Tactical is the place that is perfect for this. We offer courses and certifications in order to carry concealed weapons.

What sets C2 Tactical apart from the rest of the service providers out there?

Trained Experts

Our team is comprised of professional and qualified instructors who have all been fully vetted so you can feel comfortable learning in a safe environment. They will not only give you the practical safety steps but also provide the correct legal knowledge to ensure you are fully prepared.

Personal guidance and counseling are also provided by our trainers, some of which have experience working in law enforcement agencies. You’ll be fully equipped to carry a gun in public after participating in our specialized and efficiently designed course.

Flexible Courses

With each of our courses, we have available times that are flexible enough to fit in perfectly with your schedule and routine. From beginner to advanced level courses, we provide them all throughout the week and at various different times. When you get started and move on up through our courses, you’ll feel confident and learn how to carry a gun dutifully in no time.

The Best Concealed Carry Course in AZ

At C2 Tactical, our CCW course lasts for 4 hours and only costs $60. It’s perfect for beginners and guarantees you a license to carry a concealed weapon in Arizona. Be it conflict aftermath or the legal aspects of carrying a gun, we cover it all in our concealed carry course. What’s even better is that by obtaining an Arizona CCW license you will be able to carry your concealed weapon in 37 states!

At C2 Tactical, we ensure a smooth and quick process for you and will assist you in whatever way we can. Whether you are trying to obtain your Arizona Concealed Carry License or are looking to purchase a firearm, our team is ready to help however we can. Contact our Tempe or Scottsdale locations today and discover how we can help!

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