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Classes at C2 Tactical

C2 Tactical offers numerous classes for every person wishing to learn more about firearm use, safety, and self-defense. Our trained and experienced instructors know how to tailor each class to the participants, creating a fun and informative learning environment you will remember for a long time. Both Tempe and Scottsdale locations offer a regular schedule of classes, and you can check out our Course Calendars for each month on our website.

Here’s a brief overview of some of our most popular classes at C2 Tactical.

Ladies Only

In addition to Mondays being Ladies’ Day at C2 Tactical with free range time for the ladies, we offer specific classes tailored for our lady friends.

  • Women’s Introduction to Handguns
  • Women’s Basic Handgun
  • Women’s Intermediate Handgun
  • Women’s Practical Pistol 1

Information about these classes tailored especially for women and what is required is available on our website. You can also book your spot in one of these classes online.

Handgun Training

C2 Tactical offers the finest handgun training courses throughout Tempe, Scottsdale, and Phoenix. Beginners or seasoned shooters, we have options for everyone, featuring NRA-certified instructors with extensive backgrounds in the military and/or law enforcement.

  • Introduction to Handguns
  • Basic Handgun
  • Intermediate Handgun
  • Practical Pistol 1
  • Practical Pistol 2
  • Practical Pistol 3
  • Holiday Bundle Specials

Check the course calendar for the upcoming months to book your spot in these classes and learn more about each on the Handgun Training Courses page.

Rifle Training

C2 Tactical offers onsite and offsite courses for Rifle Training. When you sign up for our courses, you get professional and personalized training and instruction from NRA-certified and highly experienced trainers.

  • Introduction to Rifle
  • Basic Rifle
  • Intermediate Rifle
  • Introduction to Precision Rifle
  • Precision Rifle Fundamentals (Offsite)

Check the course calendar for these classes or speak with a team member about other rifle training options that may be offered periodically.

Private Shooting

Private Shooting lessons are a better fit for some who may learn better one-on-one or just desire a more tailored training experience that focuses on their areas of interest. Your private instructor dedicates their time to meet your specific needs and goals and adapts your lessons to your level of skills, knowledge, and experience.

Private shooting lessons are ideal for beginners and advanced-level shooters:

  • Learn the basics
  • Perfect your technique
  • Work on a specific type of shooting
  • Improve accuracy and proficiency
  • Hone your skills to prepare for more advanced group classes

Each private shooting session includes training from an experienced professional instructor with a background in the military and/or law enforcement. There are no other students present to take up the instructor’s time – your session is completely one-on-one. If you wish to take a private shooting lesson with your partner or a friend, C2 offers an add-on option for $40 per person (limited to 2 add-ons).

The session includes one pistol rental from C2 Tactical but you may bring your own firearm if you wish. You must purchase your own ammunition for the training. We ask that all private shooting sessions be booked at least a day in advance.

Professional Safety and Firearms Training in Scottsdale and Tempe, Arizona

Explore our website to learn more about our options for firearms training, personal and home protection, and more. All classes are offered at both our Scottsdale and Tempe, Arizona, locations. Downloadable class schedule calendars are available for your convenience. Call either of our locations today and speak with a team member for more information, or book your class online now.

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