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5 Tips for Staying Safe at Our Indoor Gun Range During the Summer Heat

“Why should I worry about the summertime heat? I’m going to an indoor gun range.”

This statement is a sure sign of a novice shooter. While our state-of-the-art indoor gun ranges at both Tempe and Scottsdale locations of C2 Tactical feature advanced air filtration and climate control systems, Arizona summer heat and lots of shooting can still cause excessively warm temperatures. You may not be standing in direct sunlight for long periods, but continued exposure to the indoor heat can have an effect – on your health and your shooting.

Before you book a lane at C2 Tactical for some shooting practice or attend a special hosted event with us, consider these five tips for staying safe at our indoor gun range during the summer heat.

1.   Dress to Balance Protection and Comfort

Summertime heat usually means shedding as many clothing articles as legally possible to enjoy the sun and keep cool. This is definitely NOT good advice when going to the gun range. Hot brass casings love to lodge in low necklines, open-toed shoes, and other bare skin spaces. Choose loose-fitting clothing that still covers you and long, cool pants with closed shoes. Hats can deflect many casings from your head and neck. In short, wear comfortable but concealing clothes to the range for an optimal shooting experience.

2.   Stay Hydrated

Heat can dehydrate even when you are not in direct sunlight. In fact, it can sometimes be worse, because you don’t realize how much moisture your body is shedding indoors. A hot shooting range can dry you out quickly, so be sure to stay hydrated. Bring plenty of bottled water with you and leave the range periodically to have a drink. Waiting your turn to shoot is a great time for these breaks: while you wait – hydrate!

3.   Take Appropriate Breaks

Aside from necessary water breaks, you should plan some rest breaks, too. Shooting uses many parts of your physical and mental faculties, and a few breaks during your range time can keep you strong, alert, and feeling healthy. A trip to the bathroom or even just sitting down for 15 minutes to cool off outside the range can help you stay in top condition for better effectiveness.

4.   Know Heat Stress Warning Signs

You should become familiar with the signs that you are suffering undue stress from the heat. Heavy fatigue, dizziness, thirst, dry throat, headaches, and other signs can mean too much time in the hot shooting range environment. When you feel uneasy or unusual, stop firing, unload and safe your weapon and get off the range to a cooler spot to rest and rehydrate.

5.   Be Aware of Your Physical Limitations

Your own physical condition will dictate to a degree how strenuous your range time should become. Those in peak condition may suffer no problems; but if you have health conditions or physical handicaps that make shooting or endurance more difficult, you should adjust your range time and regimen accordingly. Pay close attention to how you feel and take breaks as needed or cut short your planned range time if necessary.

Escape Summer Heat and Enjoy Arizona’s Premier Indoor Shooting Range Facility

C2 Tactical has the most state-of-the-art indoor shooting facilities in all of Arizona, with two locations to serve you in Tempe and Scottsdale. We offer everything you need to enjoy the ultimate shooting experience:

  • Automated target system
  • Gun rentals
  • Professional assistance
  • Safe environment
  • Shooting packages & clubs
  • Special Event bookings
  • Classes for every level shooter

Contact us today to learn more and book your range reservations, classes or events for the summer!

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