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FFL / NFA Transfers

What You Need To Know About C2’s FFL / NFA Transfers

Are you wanting to use C2 Tactical to transfer a firearm? If so, choose which location is best for you and email them for the best service.

C2 Tactical Tempe –

C2 Tactical Scottsdale –

Transfer Fee Information


  • $50 for the first firearm
  • $30 for each additional done on the same 4473 form
  • Members get a discounted rate, please ask for additional benefits for being a member with us!

NFA Items:

  • NFA Transfer fees are $125 per item plus $40 for the SilencerShop E-Filing service if selected.
  • Local filing is included with you providing your fingerprints and photographs.***
  • NFA transfers are not subject to our Shoot-it-while-you-wait Program. ***

Ways to File:

  • In-person (no additional fee)
  • Through SilencerShop’s electronic submission system ($40 additional fee)
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A firearm being prepared for NFA transfers A firearm being prepared for NFA transfers

Processing Times

Receiving tracking that your package has arrived does not mean that it is ready for pick up. Once checked in, you will be contacted that it is ready for transfer. Please make sure that the seller/shipper includes correct and thorough contact information for you.

Transfers are processed Monday through Friday and check-in may take 2-3 business days depending on the volume of deliveries.

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