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Private Shooting Lessons

Private Shooting Lessons at C2 Tactical!

Private Shooting Lesson Fee: $80 per lesson

Buckle up! C2 Tactical now offers private shooting lessons at Arizona’s best indoor shooting range. If you learn more effectively with one-on-one training, then this is the perfect option for you. You can book a private lesson according to the schedule that works for you!

Private one-on-one lessons allow you to focus on the areas of your interest. The instructor dedicates all their time to help you meet your goals. Moreover, the entire lesson is tailored based on your skills and knowledge. If you want to learn a certain technique or perfect a specific shot, you can do so by working with a private instructor.

Private shooting lessons are ideal for both beginners as well as advanced-level shooters. The opportunity to learn from a highly experienced instructor directly and in an intimate setting is the quickest way to hone your skills and achieve your goals. Check out the details below!

What will the lesson include?

When you book a private shooting lesson with C2 Tactical, you get one-on-one training from an experienced professional instructor. The lesson will have no other students, and it will be tailored around your skill level and goals.

The fee includes 1 pistol rental, but you will have to buy your own ammunition. If you already have a firearm at home, you can bring that as well. All private shooting lessons need to be booked at least one day in advance.

Can I take the lesson with a friend?

If you want to take these lessons with your partner, friend, or family member, then you can utilize the add-on option. For an additional $40 per, you can bring an additional person to the personal lesson. However, the maximum number of additional people that we allow on each reservation is 2 in order to keep the lessons personalized and private. Call your friend and book a lesson with us now!

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How Do I Register a Session Online?

If you want to make an online booking, then click Book and fill out the registration form.

Select the date that you want to take the lesson. Then, select a package lane to place your booking for a private lesson. Pretty simple, right? So, what are you waiting for?! Book now and benefit from personalized and focused training from an experienced trainer based on your interests.

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