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Personal Protection Essentials

PPE-Clinic Bundle



This is a 3-session intensive clinic of our 12 Personal Protection Classes that covers a wide range of information and skill sets. It is designed to expose C2 members and the public to alternative uses of force and related skill sets needed to prepare for the situations that may not necessitate the use of a firearm for personal protection & self-defense.

You can purchase the 3 Clinic sessions as a bundle or individually. To purchase them as a bundle, please call us at 480-588-8802.

This course bundle will consist of 3 separate units of coursework (lecture and physical training), that will run one day a month combining four topics of our regular PPE curriculum.

Though non-firearm focused, each class lends itself to the use of force in personal protection and self-defense that supports existing firearm skills. The concept is to provide training in the entire use of force spectrum for our members and the public.

Each class will be 5 hours of class time

Focus Areas:

Session 1
  • Introduction to Defensive Tactics
  • Awareness & Preventative Measures
  • Chemical Agents
  • Weapon Access/Protection/Retention (APR)
Session 2
  • Hand-to-hand Strikes
  • Hand-to-hand Controls
  • Hand-to-hand Throws
  • Hand-to-hand Ground
Session 3
  • Impact Weapons
  • Edged Weapons
  • Tactical Flashlight
  • Improvised Weapons


*scroll down for more information about each topic

PPE-Clinic 1

PPE-C 1: Defensive Tactics


5 hour

Personal Protection is not only about skills and kits. It is about awareness and using our intelligence to gain a tactical advantage over any aggressor. It is learning to avoid issues that we can predict, mitigate the ones we cannot avoid, and to gain victory if it devolves into physical violence. These sections provide non-combative options to those looking to be best prepared. These are arguably much more important than being able to fight or shoot. These are the tactics that allow you to win the greatest battle – the one never fought.

You can purchase the 3 Clinic sessions as a bundle or individually. To purchase, please call us at 480-588-8802.

Focus Areas:

  • Introduction to Defensive Tactics – a thorough overview of what Defensive Tactics is, including the use of force, mindset, preparation, personal preparedness, skills, and positioning
  • Awareness & Preventive Measures – the application of observational methods to avoid, mitigate, and engage intelligently, if needed
  • Chemical Agents – use of pepper spray and blinding agents
  • Weapon Access/Protection/Retention (APR) – how to get to, protect, and retain weapons


*scroll down for more information about each topic

PPE-Clinic 2

PPE-C 2: Empty Hands Training/Combatives


5 hours

This intensive session covers the basics of personal combat (hand-to-hand). Multiple ranges of interpersonal combat will be addressed as well as exposure and training in foundational methods for each. Combined, this will allow one to apply force regardless of range, thus providing a full “tool-box” of empty hand techniques.

You can purchase the 3 Clinic sessions as a bundle or individually. To purchase, please call us at 480-588-8802.

Focus Areas:

  • Hand-to-Hand Strikes – basic pugilism, upper and lower body
  • Hand-to-Hand Controls – basic trapping and controls
  • Hand-to-Hand Throws – trip, flip, tackle, toss
  • Hand-to-Hand Ground – positions, escapes, stand-ups


*scroll down for more information about each topic

PPE-Clinic 3

PPE-C 3: Weapons Training


5 hours

Weapons are the great equalizer. Any object can be used as a weapon if one is properly trained. Basics of weapons training begins with the most basic of tools (stick, rock, etc.) and then uses other technologies to extend the range and efficacy of these simple tools. From a tactical flashlight and baton that are designed as weapons to a writing pen, purse, or scarf as improvised weapons, this class will provide a foundation of knowledge one can carry with them anywhere one goes.


You can purchase the 3 Clinic sessions as a bundle or individually. To purchase, please call us at 480-588-8802.

Focus Areas:

  • Impact Weapons – general impact weapons and baton use
  • Edged Weapons – introduction to the the use and carry of edged weapons
  • Tactical Flashlight – use of the tactical flashlight at distance and close quarters
  • Improvised Weapons – flex weapons and items at hand


*scroll down for more information about each topic

Check out our new Personal Protection Training Sessions!

Personal Protection Essentials - Training



2 hours

PPE-T are two-hour sessions of supervised physical training and instruction covering all aspects of combatives – Impact Weapons, Edged Weapons, Striking, Throws and Ground Fighting. This course is designed to allow a student to develop real world skills and abilities.

This is a physical training course, not a lecture or a demo. Participants are responsible for being prepared to train at a high level of exertion and physicality. Clearance from your doctor is highly recommended prior to participation.

You can purchase a single session for $50 or call us at 480-588-8802 for special pricing on 4 sessions!

Book Tempe Book Scottsdale

Required Equipment:

  • Eye Protection
  • Mouth Piece (Recommended)
  • Hand Protection (Wraps, MMA Gloves, etc.)
  • Padded Training Baton
  • Rubber Training Knife
  • Blue Gun
  • Belt
  • Holster
  • Athletic Apparel

Class Prerequisites:

We recommend that any interested party be previously trained in combatives to some extent – novice level or above. Completion of the Personal Protection Essentials course is highly recommended, but not mandatory.

Defensive Tactics

Introduction to Defensive Tactics

This class provides a thorough overview of Defensive Tactics, including the use of force, alternative weapons, mindset, tactical positioning, and mandatory skills.

Defensive Tactics focuses on principles and practical aspects of personal safety. This course covers methods and tactics for avoiding interpersonal conflict and practical self defense which includes alternatives for situational defense strategies. It also encompasses physical training such as rigorous conditioning exercises and combative techniques

Training in Defensive Tactics develops skills in perception, analysis, escape, compromise, avoidance, as well as physical skills if all else fails.

Awareness & Preventative Measures

Awareness & Preventative Measures

This course is the application of observational methods to avoid, mitigate, and engage intelligently, if needed.

Preventative Measures provides you with the skill sets developed by security professionals to keep their protectees safe.

Over 90% of all violence is predictable and therefore avoidable. Preventative Measures allows you to learn the skills needed to identify potential threats before they happen and avoid them.

It is the “90% Solution” for personal protection and self-defense issues.

Impact Weapons

Impact Weapons

Introduction to the use of Impact Weapons and baton use.

Whether a stick, baton, cell phone, or other hard object; impact weapons are found anywhere and are easily attainable.

They are the most basic and primal of weapons, and therefore are often at hand for both the assailant and the defender. If used properly, they can inflict incapacitating, but less than lethal, damage. They allow for use flexibility as a prod, bludgeon, lever or control device.

Edged Weapons

Edged Weapons

Introduction to the use and carrying of edged weapons, including tactical folders, straight blades, and auto-opening knives.

Edged weapons are one of the most dangerous and effective tools for personal protection and self-defense. They are one of the most commonly used weapons in assaults and other crimes. They can be used with much more flexibility than a firearm. They can be an equalizing tool against stronger and more skilled opponents. Understanding the realities of Edged Weapon use is critical to personal protection and self-defense.

Tactical Flashlight

Tactical Flashlight

This course is on the use of the tactical flashlight at a distance and in close quarter situations.

When used effectively, the tactical flashlight is an excellent tool for self defense. It combines the power to blind an attacker with night adapted vision with the benefits of the palm stick. It is difficult to imagine how effective an extremely bright light can be until you are shined with one in the dark. It can also be used as an effective pressure or impact weapon at close quarters.

Improvised Weapons

Improvised Weapons

This course goes over the use of any weapon at hand, the development of a “weapons” mindset, basic use of and training in flexible weapons and items at hand.

An improvised Weapon is a great equalizer as they are found anywhere and are easily attainable. Armed combat is always better than unarmed combat. Developing a “Weapons Mindset” will never leave you unarmed. The skills developed to use Improvised Weapons in close quarters are similar to those learned in the usage of Edged Weapons, Improvised Hand Held Weapons, and Impact Weapons courses.

Chemical Agents

Chemical Agents

This course goes over the use of pepper spray and blinding agents for personal, family, and home protection.

Chemical agents are a chemical weapon that irritates the eyes to cause a burning sensation, pain, and temporary blindness. This was developed by police to be used in policing, riot control, crowd control, and self-defense, including defense against dogs and bears.

Its inflammatory effects cause the eyes to close, temporarily taking away vision. This temporary blindness allows the user in a self-defense situation an opportunity to escape. It also causes temporary discomfort and burning of the lungs which causes shortness of breath that my incapacitate an aggressor.

Combative Strike

Combative (Strikes)

This course is the use of natural weapons of the body, proper mechanics, and effective techniques.

Striking is the use of natural weapons (the body) to deliver stunning or incapacitating blows to an opponent. Strikes can be used at every range of fighting and personal combat. Virtually any part of the body can be used to strike. The most effective are kicks (shin/foot), knees, elbows, hands, and head. They are an essential skill for self-defense.

Combative Controls

Combative (Controls)

This course teaches about basic trapping and control techniques needed to safely control an opponent without hurting them.

Controlling is the skill to stop an opponent from moving in a way that they can strike, throw, submit, or control you. This centers on the ability to control an opponent’s movement with minimal damage. This is often used against aggressors who may not “deserve” the physical punishment of a strike, but must be dealt with in order for you to escape harm – smaller person, older person, inebriated person, etc.

Control methods are a skill set that helps in all aspects for weapons access, protection, and retention as well. It is one of the most difficult skills to master, but basic knowledge and ability can go a long way.

Combative Throws

Combative (Throws)

Combative Throws include trip, flip, tackle, toss, or how to put an opponent on the ground.

Throwing and takedowns is a skill necessary to take an opponent off of their feet and essentially hit them with the earth. This centers around the ability to control an opponents balance and use gravity as a weapon. This is often used against aggressors who you may not want to strike, or be struck by, or opponents for whom the weight or skill advantage must be taken away. It is an essential skill for self-defense.

Combative Ground

Combative (Ground)

Combative Ground includes positions, escapes, stand-ups and what to do if you go to the ground in a self-defense situation.

If taken to the ground by an opponent, it is necessary to have the skills to neutralize attacks, control your opponent, and get back to your feet as soon as possible. This centers around the ability to control an opponents movement by controlling their point of gravity and their hips. Grappling is a natural method for humans to dominate one another with minimal risk to both. It is one of the more difficult skills to master, but basic knowledge and ability can go a long way.

Weapon APR

Weapon Access/Protection/Retention (APR)

This course is how to get to, protect, and retain weapons such as a flashlight, baton, knife, pepper spray, or firearm.

A weapon and belt kit are useless if you cannot get to it. Once a weapon is out it must be protected, otherwise it will be used against you. Retaining your weapon if a bad guy gets hands on it is imperative for your survival. If you do not have proven Weapon APR Skills; then you probably should not be carrying.

Areas that will be covered:

Critical Decision
Distance & Time
Reaction Time
Buying Time
Expanded View / Movement Cues


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