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Non-Firearm Courses

Taser Training In Scottsdale


Taser Civilian Certified Training


4 hours

This amazing course was built from the ground up in cooperation with Taser International to provide civilians with a less lethal option like never before. We are the world’s first training facility to offer this program to civilians. We worked closely with the design process of the Taser Pulse and helped write the course content they now use to certify Instructors nationwide. We are proud to finally bring it to you. In this course, you will learn the function and operation of the Taser Pulse. The legal requirements, effectiveness, and limitations. How to safely draw from the holster and deploy under stress.


Upon completion of the live-fire portion of this course, for an additional $60 you will receive a certificate of completion to demonstrate that you are a responsibly trained Taser Pulse owner.

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All instructors for this course are required to have NRA Certification and be a Taser Civilian Certified Instructor.

Focus Areas:

  • Proper methods to draw from the holster (support side)
  • Accuracy with shooting the first shot from the holster
  • Follow-through
  • Legal obligations & ramifications
  • Technical specifications of the Taser pulse

2 hour class time, remainder is range time

Class Prerequisites:

Must have a great attitude for learning and prepared to have fun. You are not required to be tased in this course.

Equipment Required:

All equipment and supplies will be provided for you but you are more than welcome to bring your own Taser Pulse.

2 cartridges are required to be fired during the live-fire portion this course at a reactive target to receive your certificate of completion. The cartridges and certificates are an additional $60 (normally $80).

Baton Training


Introduction to Baton


4 hours

This course focuses on the basics of using an expandable baton for self-defense. This is a great class for all ages and sizes. The simple techniques learned in this class can be transferred to many other things like a Kubaton or pepper spray. It includes both classroom and hands-on practice time with a little bit of energy and a whole lot of fun! This is a great course for anyone interested in less than lethal self-defense in confined space or where other forms of self-defense are not permitted.

Book Tempe Book Scottsdale

Focus Areas:

  • Understanding the legal use of both physical force and deadly force
  • Proper carry and deployment
  • Proper use of basic baton techniques in self-defense
  • Proper maintenance of your baton

Equipment Required:

  • Expandable baton
  • Comfortable clothing
  • Athletic shoes
  • Baton holster recommended, but not required


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