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Emergency Trauma ResponseEmergency Trauma Response

Emergency Trauma Response

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Emergency Trauma Response


3 hours

TAUGHT BY: Mountain Man Medical

November 16th from 2pm-5pm at our Scottsdale Location

This class is for anyone wanting to learn life-saving medical procedures in a high-threat environment. Combat is a multi-faceted endeavor which involves many disciplines. including trauma medicine, a skill that extends outside a deadly force encounter to many other forms of emergencies. Medical care while threats lurk in dark alleys is different from working in well-lit and immaculate hospitals. Procedures and priorities completely shift so the most favorable outcome is achieved. This course will leave the student with an understanding on how to care for a casualty during a dangerous situation.


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Emergency Trauma Response Focus Areas:

(The following skills will be touched on during this class. However, an in-depth class on any of these topics can be requested:)
  1. Proper Combat Medical Mindset
  2. Care Under Fire
  3. Tactical Field Care
  4. TQ Selection and Application
  5. Wound Packing Junctions
  6. Chest Seal Application
  7. Airway Management
  8. Shock Management
  9. Weapon Wounding Patterns
  10. Active Shooter and Mass Casualty
  11. Anticipating Unseen Risks
  12. How to Improvise


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